Murals and Artwork

Murals and Artwork - 

Murals in the apse depict the Nativity, Crucifixion, and Annunciation, shown from left to right at the top of page 10. Above Mary’s altar is a mural of her Coronation as Queen of Heaven and Earth, and above Saint Joseph’s altar is a mural showing the end of his earthly life. 

The ceiling of the church was painted blue with gold stars during the 2020 restoration by Robert A. Ritterbeck Painting, Inc.

Also shown here are a depiction of Saint John the Evangelist above the entrance to the sacristy, a choir of angels on the right side of the arch above the altar, and one of the cherub faces painted on the side wall of the church between the windows.

Lorenzo Scattaglia and Professor Gonippo Raggi, both of Italy, painted much of this artwork in the early years of our church.